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It was the year 2006 when Amazon launched their first web services to provide online facilities for the client-side applications and other sites. Among all the web services most of them are not exposed directly to the end user, rather they offer a kind of functionality that other developers can put in use in the development or designing of their own application. AWS alms are obtained by HTTP with the assistance of SOAP protocol and REST architectural style. In the year, Amazon laid claim that over 1,80,000 developers had enlisted to use AWS.

And finally in 2013, Amazon Web Services began offering a one of its kind certification program which can be done online through various certified enters for the computer engineers having the knack of cloud computing. After two years, in 2015 Amazon released that they have in excess of almost a millions active customers every month in 190 countries including approximately 5,000 education institutions, 17,500 nonprofits, and 5,000 education institutions.  AWS customers include Netflix, Infor, NASA, Pinterest, the Obama Campaign, Infor, etc.

About the Course

This all-inclusive online Course is widely designed keeping in mind the need of the market and for the professional and student who aims to provide one the skills and the expertise in mastering concepts such as cloud models, essentials and services and learn the ropes of AWS services besides implementing concepts like auto scaling/ redundant services/ high availability / load balancing and developing SAAS based applications. Under this online course, we will introduce the participator to master and explore services offered by AWS and the AWS concepts.

  •  Objectives

By the end of the AWS Cloud course, you will be able to understand:

  •  Cloud concepts
  • Configure/ Create each service
  • Day to day cloud maintenance and operations of services and applications.
  • AWS operations and services
  • Analytics and Big data
  • Real time scenarios on auto scaling/ high availability
  • Automation’s using AWS CLI/ Java SDK

Who should do this course?

We have designed this course for those who want to get the knack of cloud automation/ Developing SAAS based applications and products/ Devops/  Cloud computing/ analysing Big data and related eco space products with the help of cloud services. And there is no pre-condition as such, anyone having an understanding of any one high-level programming level can enroll in this course.

What is the value of this course?

It is a world known fact that AWS certification is an amazing way to increase your organization’s dexterity with the knowledge of AWS-based applications. And one that you cannot ignore that the average pay of four AWS certifications exceeded $100,000.