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CHEF (Software) was conceived by ADAM JACOB as a tool to help his counseling organizations, whose plan of action was to build an end-to-end deployment/server tools. After creating it, Jacob revealed CHEF to Jesse Robbins, who figured out its real potential after running operation at Amazon. And later on, they both went on forming a new company with Joshua Timberman, Barry Steinglass, and Nathen HaneySmith to turn this fantastic concept into a product. CHEF is both the name of organization and configuration management tool specifically written in Erlang and Ruby. It utilizes pure-Ruby, domain-specific language popularly known as a DSL for writing the configuration “recipes” of the system.

CHEF is utilized to streamline the task of maintaining the server of the organization as well as configuring its task and can also integrate with the cloud-based platforms like Rackspace, Google Cloud Platform, SoftLayer,  Amazon EC2 and Internap to name a few to automatically provision and configure new devices. Apart from all the things mentioned above, one more thing that makes CHEF a stand out product is that it make sure each and every resource is precisely configured and rectify any resources that are not in the desirable state. Initially, CHEF was used to oversee Linux but with the passage of time, later versions they came up support Microsoft Windows too. Besides, Puppet, CFEngine and Bcfg2; CHEF is one out of these four major configuration management system of LINUX.

About the course

CHEF is an automation and configuration management platform from OPSCODE. We provide hands-on training sessions which are headed by the top industry experts; each training session is designed to solve real business issues. It doesn’t matter where you resides; you can take our online training classes from anywhere; anytime there is no need for you to leave your office or house. You will get loads of freedom to use CHEF and will experience lab based learning sessions.

Who must join this course?

Anyone who wishes to enroll for this automation and configuration platform does not require any particular skill. You do not need to worry about complex things because the course kick-starts from the very basic concepts, as we take presumption that you are completely new to this thing.

Why learn comprehensive CHEF course?

Out of all the automation and configuration management products available, CHEF is one among all that is supported on several platforms, according to a supported platform matrix for server products a well as clients. And the major platforms for clients contains  Solaris (operating system), AIX, Microsoft Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, Debian and CentOS.