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Microsoft .NET Framework – Self-Paced

It was the year 1990 when the Microsoft started the development of .NET Framework (originally termed as “Next Generation Windows Services” (NGWS)). And finally, Microsoft released its first beta versions as.NET 1.0 in late 2000. Later on in the year,  2007 Microsoft announced that the source code for >NET Framework 3.5 will be available under (Ms-RSL) Microsoft Reference License and by January 2008, it became available online.

In the effort to include cross-platform support for .NET, Microsoft announced .NET Core in November 2014, at that time it got the tag of  “the foundation of all future .NET platforms” by Microsoft’s Immo Landwerth. And the way Microsoft is preparing it looks like that in the coming years we will get to witness some landmarks things happening in the arena.

About The Course

Our all-inclusive .NET course is a 30 hours course and is widely designed keeping in mind the need of the market and for the professional and student which cover-up all the concepts that have made .NET perhaps the most sought after Microsoft Framework. The course kick-starts from the very basic concepts Framework Architecture, as we presume that you are completely new to this thing.  With the help of MS.NET Framework, at the end of the course, we will also create  Web Services and Web Applications.


The time you are on the verge of being the class Java Developers, you should be able to:

  • Understand Development of Console Application
  • Create and consume Libraries (.dll)
  • Perceive OOP using C#.NET
  • Comprehend Microsoft Framework Architecture
  • Understand the Working with POSTBACK
  • Understand the Data access mechanisms provided by ADO.NET
  • Get the clear idea regarding the development of Consume Web Service and Web Service
  • Create a web application using .NET
  • Understand Application Security

Who should go for this course?

People who are the believers and wants to learn MS.NET Framework or intends to become an ASP.NET Web Developer. The requisites for learning Microsoft.NET Framework involve elemental awareness regarding any one programming language for e.g., Java, JavaScript, C, C++ and HTML and anyone database like SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle. And all those who have the passion as well as zeal to become the next big thing in the Developing industry.

Why learn comprehensive  MS.NET Framework?

We all know quite well that Microsoft .NET framework is sturdy and attractive. Unlike other available frameworks such as PHP or Java that take care only of one layer or just a part of the development, MS.NET allows development in varied layers.