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Puppet is created to organise or monetize the configuration of ms-windows and Unix-like systems analytically. The operator or say user construes systems state and resources, either with the help of Ruby DSL or Puppet’s declarative language which is stored in files known as “Puppet manifests”.In order to describe system configurations, puppet comes with a custom declarative language that can either be applied directly to the systems or assembled into a distributed and catalogue to target systems through the agent uses system-specific providers to prosecute the resource explained in the manifests. The resource abstraction layer enables the administrator to figure out the configuration in high-end terms to say without the need to specify OS-specific commands like rpm, apt and yum to name a few.

About the course

We are a Global Interactive Learning Institution formed by industry wizards with an aim to serve quality training. As we all are aware of the fact that these days administrators amass more and more systems to administer, automation of mundane tasks is to a greater extent important. It is very much desirable to share a system and put money in such tools that all can use in use rather than develop in-house scripts. This course makes you understand the best-practice approach to directing infrastructure with the assistance of Puppet IT automation software to magnify the benefits of the Puppet Module Architecture.

Who should go for this course?

As we always say that the courses we are offering to you indeed need some technical knowledge but we’ve framed our courses in such a way that any interested person who with almost negligible knowledge about the course matter can understand the concept and later on comprehend the same in future. It is very much easy to grasp the concept of puppet if you keep following our tested and structures training roadmap.

Why learn comprehensive Puppets course?

Because this comprehensive course is intended for the system administrator, who have disposed or planning to dispose of Puppet Enterprise in a blended environment and are vouching for the top practices in directing the same with Puppet Enterprise.

Mentioned below are the key features related to Puppet:-

  •  Speed: Increases agility and speed so you can delight your users with faster software.
  • Reliability: Automate for repeatability, predictability and reliability so you can proceed further with certainty.
  • Auditability: Enjoy complete transparency, traceability and visibility, everything at your fingertips.