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It was not SAP who developed BODS; Acta Technology Inc has developed it. Initially, a company called BusinessObjects Company that acquired Acta Technology Inc. and later SAP acquired BusinessObjects Company, which means SAP BusinessObjects Data Services indirectly developed SAP BODS.

Acta Technology Inc. used to provide two software products called  Data Integration (DI) tool and Data Quality (DQ) tool, but when BusinessObjects acquired Acta, they rebranded these two tools as BusinessObjects Data Quality (BODQ) tool and BusinessObjects Data Integration (BODI) tool. And in the year 2007, when SAP (leader in ERP solutions) acquired BusinessObjects, they renamed the products as SAP BODQ and SAP BODI. Later in the year 2008, they integrated both the tools into a single end-to-end software product and named it as SAP BODS which now has the both the feature of data management solutions and data integration.

About the course

We came up with this course with the idea in mind to give one the opportunity to get a complete overview and gain some further intuitiveness into SAP Business Objects Data Services. The course kick-starts from the very basic concepts, as we presume that you are completely new to this thing. We have extremely proficient and trained faculty to polish the attendees in a new flanged manner in order to strengthen their style of grabbing and learning the current issues as fine as that assist them climbing the ladder of success.

SAP BODS application has that unique touch in it that can help all by delivering a single enterprise-class solution for data quality, text analysis, data profiling and data integration that grant you the opportunity to transform, integrate, deliver and improve trusted data that back enables sound decisions and critical business processes. SAP BODS combines industry-leading integration and data quality into one stand.

Why learn comprehensive SAP BODS?

This SAP BODS training will bring you the proficiency to comprehend the process to take part in regulate, manage and execute the project in which data integration and quality checking is involved. It will also get you the expertise and skills required for the Data Quality Services in this Training Sessions. Data Services Training covers troubleshooting, process chains, platforms transform, scripts and variable and the likes. Why wait? Enroll now and make your career strong.