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It was not so easy for SAP to create SAP HANA, in order to create it SAP SE acquired different kinds of technologies including, MaxDB with its in-memory liveCache engine, P*TIME and TREX search engine (in-memory column-oriented search engine). It was the year 2008, teams of SAP SE demonstrated an application architecture for mean-time aggregation and analytics and mentioned it as “New Database”. By the mid 2011, the technology got the attention but still considered as “in early days” by the experienced business customers. But that didn’t stop SAP from proceeding further, and finally in the year 2013, SAP enterprise resource planning software from its Business Suite was announced for HANA and a software as a service offering called the HANA Enterprise Cloud service was announced.

About the course

To start with, with SAP HANA, you get the chance to design next-gen apps that has the ability to exploit the digital economy and earn billions out of it. Our courses are conducted entirely online and you can easily access all the provided study material from any devices over the internet. We offer various option to improve your SAP HANA knowledge, you can browse our catalog to find the right course for you.

It doesn’t matter who and what you are, if your are already holding SAP HANA certification, then you have the opportunity in the job marketplace to become SAP HANA consultant. But in case you do not have one, then you can find here the best SAP HANA experts, free online demo classes, curriculum and trending syllabus. Under the course you will get to learn everything right from the history of SAP HANA,  modeling, Installation,  Introduction to its architecture to other interesting topics.

Who should go with this course?

As such there are no prerequisites. All you need to have is an interest in learning SAP HANA; it would be more than enough if you have some technical knowledge. Moreover, if you from those who are planning to learn SAP HANA but don’t know from where to start or to make a career in SAP HANA and learn it.


Because SAP HANA is an in-memory platform that runs business processes faster, data infrastructures simpler and analytics applications smarter. It is the foundation for all your data requirements, siloed data and removing the burden of maintaining separated legacy systems so that you can run simple in this digital economy. Some of the chief features of SAP HANA are mentioned below:

  •  Deliver More Intelligence
  • Integrate All Types of Data
  • Accelerate Database Processing
  • Simplify Your IT Environment
  • Create Next-Generation Applications