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28 Mar 2017

Get Trained in SAP Hybris Commerce to Speed up Integration Projects

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Have you checked out the new pre-configured processes for extending the reach of your SAP Hybris Commerce projects? The updated version of SAP Hybris Commerce, which draws upon the features of Hybris Commerce 6.0, has SAP based rapid-deployment solutions on the cards for its users. Additionally, it provides a speedier, more robust platform for SAP Hybris integration projects.

By accelerating the configuration, and creating more competitive individual, B2B and/or B2C web stores, these SAP Rapid Deployment solutions are being adopted by many. Developers are getting trained to understand the functionally and nuances of these newly released pre-defined integration processes and are attempting to cover various use cases via integration to varied back end systems. Some of the most significant contributions of the latest RDS version relates to the integration of  SAP Configure, Price and Quote and SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud with SAP Hybris Commerce for the purposes of product configuration. Here we help you take a quick look at some latest content updates.

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Integration

As per experts in the field, new ways of integrating the scope items ‘B2C Commerce – Targeted Marketing with Product Recommendation’ and ‘B2C Commerce – Targeted Marketing with Segmentation’ with SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud are creating altogether new shopping experiences for web shops. If you have been using the on premise version of SAP Hybris Marketing so far, you can continue with its integration as it is still documented and available for use as part of the RDS. With its new features of integration, SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is syncing well with SAP Hybris Commerce 6.0 and Web Content Management Solution (WCMS) alike.

SAP Configure, Price and Quote Integration

Aiding the cause of product configuration in B2B complex e-commerce environments, RDS is also supporting integration with SAP ERP and other associated modules. In the new SAP Hybris Commerce scenario, master data such as configuration, customers and products master are being replicated asynchronously from their SAP ERP formats to SAP Hybris compatible data. Consequently, business customers are finding it easy to enter complex configurations on commercial portals by choosing the appropriate options and values. This seamless integration to prices, product models and other attributes of SAP ERP is allowing product configurations (in context to SAP Hybris sales orders) to be generated and fulfilled in SAP ERP successfully.

SRY IT Solutions offers well-researched, updated tutorials and courses for SAP Hybris online training purposes. If you desire to gain further knowledge in this domain, or plan to learn the intricacies of SAP Hybris Commerce integration RDS the right way, then, do get in touch with the representatives at this training platform at the earliest – they will be glad to assist you in every conceivable manner.


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