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Linux Administration

123 What is Linux Administration?

Linux is an operating system. It is the software on a computer that enables applications and the computer operator to access the devices on the computer to perform desired functions. Features of Linux Administration are Kernel, iptables, Sendmail, Postfix, qmail, exim, Squid, Samba, NFS, LDAP, Apache, ngxix, lighthttpd, vsftpd, proftpd, bind…. etc.

Linux Administration Online Training Contents

Linux Administration Training Details


Introduction of UNIX & LINUX

  • History of Unix & Linux
  • Basic Concepts of Operating Systems, Kernel, shell and file system structure
  • Basic Concepts of Linux
  • Basic Commands of Linux
  • Advanced Linux Commands

Installation of LINUX

  • Interactive Installation
  • Kickstart Installation
  • Network based Installation

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

  • Configuring Linux as DHCP server
  • Configuring various clients for dhcp server (Windows & Linux)

Introduction To Graphical Environment

  • Use and customize the GNOME interface
  • Perform command tasks using the GNOME GUI
  • Launch applications from command line and GNOME interface
  • Customize X Window System


  • Configuring NFS server
  • Mounting NFS exports on NFS clients

Start up and Shutdown Scripts

  • Boot Sequence
  • Kernel Initialization
  • INIT Process

Network Information Service (NIS)

  • Basics of NIS
  • Configuring NIS master server, slave server and client
  • Creating NIS users

Software Package Administration

  • Installing and deleting software packages
  • Querying and updating software packages

Advanced File Permissions (ACL)

  • Assigning advanced files permissions i.e. SUID, SGID and Sticky bit

User and Group Administration

  • Creating and deleting users from the system
  • Modifying users profile
  • Creating and deleting groups
  • Important system files related to user administration

Mail Server (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)

  • Basics of Mail servers
  • Configuring SMTP services
  • Configuring POP3/IMAP service on Linux

Web Server (APACHE)

  • Basics of web service
  • Introduction to Apache
  • Configuring Apache for main site
  • Configuring Apache for multiple sites using IP-based, port-based and name-based virtual hosting

Disk Partitioning and Mounting File System

  • Using fdisk, disk druid utilities for disk partitioning
  • Using mkfs, dd commands to create file systems
  • Mounting various file systems
  • Auto mounting of file system
  • Logical Volume Manager (LVM)


  • Basics of File Transfer protocol
  • Configuring proftpd for anonymous ftp service

 Troubleshooting your System

  • Recovering the super user password
  • Recovering the boot loader (GRUB)
  • Troubleshooting Xserver problems
  • Troubleshooting network related problems

Securing your Linux Server

  • Implementing local security
  • Implementing network security
  • Implementing data security
  • Basic elements of Fire Wall using IP Tables

Course Details:

Duration : 40-45 hours (Daily 1 hr to 1 hr 30 minutes)
System Access: 60 days
Session Timings: As per participant convenience
Payment Options: Paypal


We are having ample of experience in Linux Administration Online training. After every session recordings will be provided and soft copy of Linux Administration Online training material will be provided. After the sessions Linux Admin project support will be provided.CV preparation will be done with the ongoing clients. We are maintaining the Blogs for every course which will have the blogs related to new concepts.

About the Trainer:

Linux Administration Online Training will be provided by real time certified consultant. Overall experience of trainer is 9 years. Trainer is having good experience in corporate training. Trainer is an expert in implementation projects and Online Training support projects. In the training real time scenarios will be covered which helps the job seeker to handle the projects easily.

 Who is Eligible:

Any Graduates/Post Graduates are eligible.
Anyone having knowledge in Data Warehousing technologies.
Any technical background consultants are eligible to learn Linux Administration Online Training.

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