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Teradata training online
30 Mar 2017

This is why you need Teradata Online Training in 2017

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With most enterprise oriented use-cases backed by big data and Internet of Things technologies reaching their pinnacles of success and fruitation in 2016, teradata is well set to hog the limelight in 2017. Here’s why proper training in this field is a must.

  • Dan Graham, a technical marketing specialist linked with IoT at Teradata says, “Less than 10% of organizations understand that they will require IoT analytics architects in the near future; these architects are different from IoT system architects, “ he added, “experienced software architects equipped with the skills of designing central and distributed analytics for IoT are bound to reach places.” Given this, IoT architects are expected to displace data scientists from their coveted place on the list of HR departments.
  • With movements to hybrid architectures taking center stage,disaster recovery, testing and development will form the biosphere of futuristic cloud-centered companies, as per Director of Cloud Strategy at Teradata, Marc Clark.
  • With PokemonGo and Waze triggering off an altogether new trend of development of more augmented and reality-based products, the time is ripe for teradata trained professionals skilled in augmented notation, augmented reminders, and augmented journey maps.
  • With low power, wide area (LPWAN) aided networking standards firmly in place; more than 700 million IoT devices will be gauging new heights by 2021, thus demanding a stronger teradata workforce for dealing with the explosion.
  • As processes and technology improve, the IoT market will be dominated by companies with more robust portfolios, consolidated systems and the best enterprise-grade IoT solutions. The continued thirst for excellence and innovation will result in the fostering of right internal talent and external hires.
  • Co-founder and CEO of Arcadia Data,Sushil Thomas says, “Enterprises will be in a position to  talk about big data in context to ROI and not just TCO-only conversations that was the norm thus far.” The demand for teradata professionals will be high in vertical industries like healthcare, marketing, and financial services, thus opening the market to more talented resources other than data scientists.

Teradata  trends 2017 and the result of compiled analytics state that most major economies such as those of Germany, France, Spain, USA, Japan, Australia, Russia, UK and India are gearing up their intelligence to face bigger IoT challenges and issues in the coming years. Get onto the bandwagon before it is too late and opt for the latest methods of teradata online training to set yourself ahead in the race. With live and recorded webcasts, classroom instruction, word class faculty and web-based training on the cards, SRY IT Solutions offers a host of extensive training modules to up your skills like no other.

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