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26 Mar 2017

Python Ecosystem for More Speed and Higher Growth in 2017

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When Python ecosystem users check what’s in store for them in 2017, they cannot give a miss to Pyjion, improved asyncio modules, and the feature-rich goodness of Python 3. To meet this end, they are gearing up to keep their Python skills and performance levels polished. These days, developers are signing up for tutorials to know how to write more useful and compelling decorators for their clients – and like never before!

2017- Year of Python Biosphere

The reach of Python is expanding and it is dominating the marketplace with all the right tools, easy to learn modules, abundant libraries, and an immensely productive programming environment. The going for Python has gotten better with its recent 3.6 release, innovative changes in the asyncio modules, formatted string literals and a newly launched protocol for its file system path. It is surely going to be a raging year for Python!

Unflinching Pyjion Boost

Pyjion is an efficient JIT compiler that is equipped to rev up speed for Python systems. It can accelerate CPython – the interpreter featured in Python – by allowing a JIT API derived from Microsoft’s CoreCLR project to boost its stock interpreter. Stepping up runtime exponentially, Pyjion ensures that CPython will get a JIT plugged in the desired format. This in turn would help Python users implement the JIT ecosystem to their use-cases without any fuss.

The Concurrency of Asyncio is right here

The asyncio module and its API are far more stable and no longer provisional in Python 3.6. With numerous improvements to back their efficiency, courtesy performance tweaks, bug fixes and usability upgrades, asyncio is all set to garner its support to single-threaded concurrent codes. In addition, developers are trying out its levels of concurrency to aid CPU-bound typical services and other complicated concurrent connections for speeding things up.

Python 3 – It’s still the King

With the support for Python versions moving to Python 3, the stage is set for migrating legacy projects to new versions in 2017. In the given scenario, along with science, education, IoT and hardware, many other verticals in the embedded world are working on upgraded resources and training for facilitating this move. To up their skills, embedded programmers are coding in vastly different areas of Python and MicroPython. AdaFruit, Micro:Bit, Raspberry Pi, and Calliope are all in support of Python 3 and are updating their software libraries to fuel its growth in various circles.

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