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  1. Basic Development Skills

Course Content

  1. SAPUI5 Overview
  2. SAPUI5 1.30 setup on Eclipse Mars locally
  3. Basics of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Jquery, Ajax
  4. Programming Applications Overview
  5. Creating a SAPUI5 Project
  6. Concept of index.html in SAPUI5
  7. Model – View – Controller Concept in SAPUI5
  8. Static Databinding in SAPUI5
  9. Oneway, Twoway and One-Time Binding of controls with SAPUI5 models
  10. Complex/Expression binding using different techniques
  11. Dynamic Databinding with live ODATA services using different techniques
  12. CRUD operations on ODATA services using different techniques
  13. CRUD Batch Processing on ODATA services.
  14. Navigation using Event Bus in SAPUI5
  15. Resource Handling / Localization
  16. Understanding lifecycle/hook methods in Controller
  17. Designing of SAPUI5 views using multiple development paradigm
  18. Sorting and Filtering of data in SAPUI5
  19. Fuzzy logic oriented search in SAPUI5
  20. Designing a responsive table in SAPUI5
  21. Creating Custom Launchpad using SAPUI5
  22. Understanding fragments and concept of reusability
  23. Mater Detail split view concept in SAPUI5
  24. Developing Custom Fiori lookalike app from scratch using above SAPUI5 concepts
  25. Demonstration of Custom Fiori lookalike app following Fiori Design Guidelines
  26. Upload/Download Image functionality in SAPUI5
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