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What is SAP BO ?

SAP Business Objects BI (BO) is a suite of front-end applications that allow business users to view, sort and analyze business Intelligence data. Other toolsets enable universes (the Business Objects name for a semantic layer between the physical data store and the front-end reporting tool) and ready-written reports to be stored centrally and made selectively available to communities of users.

SAP BO Online Training Contents

SAP BO Online Training Details


Fundamental Concepts

  • Definitions of Data warehouse
  • History of Data warehouse
  • Characteristics of Data warehouse
  • Data Marts
  • Tables (Dimensions and Fact Tables)
  • Star Schema, Snowflake Schema/Extended Schema and Multiple Star Schema

Database Concepts

  • Introduction to databases
  • Importance of Database
  • DDL, DML, DQL, DCL and TCL
  • Structuring of tables and Data Types
  • Numeric Functions, Character Functions, Date Functions, Aggregate Functions
  • Set Operators
  • Joins and Types of Joins and their importance (PK, FK)
  • Group by, Having, Where conditions

Life Cycle Management

  • Functional Specifications (FDD)
  • Business Requirement (BRD)
  • Project Plan
  • Technical Design Document (TDD)
  • Development execution
  • Unit Test case preparation
  • Deployment Check list

Pre requisites of BO

  • Non SAP applications as backend
  • ODBC Connection (32 & 64 bit Operating System)
  • Knowledge on SAP BW BI (Cubes, BEX queries)
  • Knowledge on HANA

BO Universes

     Universe Designer Tool – UDT

  • Personal Connection
  • Shared Connection
  • Secured Connection
  • Linked universes

    Information Designer Tool – IDT

  • Local Connection (.CNX)
  • Secured Connection (.CNS)
  • Data Foundation (.DFX) – Connection, Context and Alias, Parameters and LOV’s
  • Business Layer (.BLX) – Classes & objects, Queries, Parameters and LOV’s and Navigation paths

Business Intelligence Reports BOBI 4.1

   Adhoc Reports

  •  Web Intelligence

   Canned Reports

  • Crystal Reports


  • Xcelsius Dashboards
  • Live Office -Plug in tool

Adhoc Reports

Web Intelligence Report

  • Introduction of web reporting
  • Info Providers/Data Providers (Universe, Personal data Files)
  • Creation of reporting
  • Generating queries
  • Viewing and modifying a report
  • Query Filters & various operators
  • Query Prompts
  • Sections/ Breaks
  • Difference between Section & Break
  • Alerter
  • Ranking
  • Sorting
  • Merged Dimensions
  • Combined Queries (Union, Intersection and Minus)
  • Charts, types of charts and various usages
  • Working with special Functions
  • Converting Horizontal, Vertical, Cross Tabs into Charts
  • Drilling Functionalities – Drill up, Drill Down, Drill by
  • Purging of objects
  • Export Options (PDF, excel, CSV etc.,)
  • Document Properties/Formatting
  • Input Controls
  • Report Level Variables
  • Hyper Linking Functionalities
  • Usage of Web Intelligence Rich Client Application
  • Scheduling of Webi Report
  • Folding and Unfolding of Reports

Canned Reports

    Crystal Reports

  • Introduction to CR
  • Use of CR and its features
  • Difference between BO and CR
  • Standard Reports
  • Blank Report
  • Cross Tab Report
  • Creation of New CR
  • Different Data source Connections
  • Creation of CR with Universe
  • Creation of CR without Universe
  • Creation of Groups and Calculations
  • Working with Sub Reports
  • Charts
  • Field Explorer
  • Repository Explorer & Database Expert
  • Report Templates
  • Inbuilt Functionalities
  • SAP Platform interaction – BEX, Cubes, Info sets etc.,
  • RDBMS Databases interaction
  • MS Access interaction
  • ** Maintenance and  scheduling of Crystal Reports via BI Launch Pad application


Dashboard Design (Static & Dynamic)

  • Introduction to Dashboards
  • Types of Dashboards
  • Data Sources (or) Info Providers
  • Generation of dashboards
  • Working with Data By Range, By Series
  • Working with Dual Axis dashboard
  • Working with Calendar & Bar Chart dashboard
  • Working with Filter and multiple Charts dashboard
  • Data Import and Exports
  • Data Manager Connections
  • Data Layer
  • Canvas layer
  • Components Layer
  • Properties Layer
  • Objects Browser
  • Live Office (Universe, Web Intelligence, Crystal Report)
  • QAAWS Connectivity
  • Query Builder

Web Based Applications of SAP BO

BI Launch Pad

  • Generation of Webintelligence reports
  • Scheduling of Webi and Crystal reports
  • Sending of Webi and Crystal reports
  • Storage of Local documents (Organize and maintain documents)
  • Folder structuring based on Line of Business

Performance Tuning Methods Of SAP BO

  • Tuning at Universe Level
  • Tuning at Report Level
  • Tuning at Database Level
  • Query Optimization Methods

Error Handling Methods

  • How to handle errors across the environments in Real Time scenarios.
  • Trouble shooting tips and tricks

Project Explanation In Terms of Real Time Scenarios

  • Project Overview (Life Cycle)
  • Project Domain Explanation
  • Designing the workflow
  • Project Templates
  • Report Requirement Templates

Assistance in Resume Preparation

  • Resume preparation tips and tricks

BO Architecture

Course Details:

Duration : 35-40 hours(Daily 1 hr to 1 hr 30 minutes)
System Access: 60 days
Session Timings: As per participant convenience
Payment Options: Paypal


We are having ample of experience in SAP BO Online  training. After every session recordings will be provided and soft copy of SAP BO Online Training material will be provided. After the sessions SAP BO Training project support will be provided..CV preparation will be done with the ongoing clients. We are maintaining the Blogs for every course which will have the blogs related to new concepts.

About the Trainer:

SAP BO Online Training will be provided by real time certified consultant. Overall experience of trainer is 8 years. Trainer is having good experience in corporate training. Trainer is an expert in implementation projects and support projects. In the training real time scenarios will be covered which helps the job seeker to handle the projects easily.

 Who is Eligible:

Any Graduates/Post Graduates are eligible.
Anyone having knowledge in Data Warehousing technologies.
Any technical background consultants are eligible to learn SAP BO Online Training.

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